What's it's all mean basil?

                 YETI was on the rise with a new Rambler that started it all a Silver 30oz. With a demand of being unique, we started in 2014 powder coating the silver cans with colors the people wanted. Soon after we developed a system to add graphics and names as we hate stickers.  With no competition for YETI, RTIC was born not far after making their version of the rambler. Then Ozark Trail came out of no where to make some money. After a large Law Suite all three products changed slightly so were going to break it all down for you here in our Tumbler Science.   

DuraCoated YETI Rambler



Powdercoated RTIC


PowderCoated Ozark


The Weight

You might look at all three and see a few differences or its just three normal tumblers. Until you hold one. 

YETI 20oz total weight: 13.1oz

Ozark 20oz total weight: 12.6oz

RTIC 20oz total weight: 10.7oz 

YETI's Lid: 1.7oz

Ozark's Lid: 1.6oz

RTIC's 1.3oz

The Test

The three 20oz tumblers were packed with 6oz of crushed ice, using the exact same amount of ice in each, and sealed them tight with the included lid.

Then, after waiting 12 hours with the cups untouched on a kitchen counter, It was measured how much ice had melted.

The Yeti, Ozark and Rtic lost exactly the same amount of ice into water: 2oz.

 So at this point we are all tied up.
At 24 hours, I cup drained each cup again.

The Yeti and Ozark lost identical amounts once again, 2 ounces and the RTIC lost 2.5oz. The Yeti and Ozark were tied. 

Finally, at the two-day mark, 48 hours, all the ice had melted. except for one tiny piece of ice remaining in Walmart's Ozark Trail cup.

So in the end we're calling it a tie, between the Yeti and Walmart's Ozark Trail. Both did an excellent job.